Friday, August 7, 2009

Nighttime Fun

Daddy has been gone all week long for an exercise on base so the girls haven't seen him since Sunday night. They've been missing him terribly (& so have I) so when the exercise ended last night, we let them all stay up a little later so we could have some fun family time.

Cadence & Lorien enjoyed the fort mommy & daddy made for them fully equipped with DVD player & cave door. However, daddy & mommy soon got kicked out because we were too "big" to fit in the cave & we were "bothering" their "movie experience." Soon after we were kicked out, Taya got kicked out as well for trying to push buttons. Little pills.

Meanwhile, Taya jammed with us downstairs while we played Guitar Hero on the Nintendo Wii. We've never seen Taya dance so much. It was so cute! And then of course, she had to try her hand at playing, but got booed off the stage pretty quick. Ha ha ha. I love these fun family moments we have together!

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