Tuesday, August 4, 2009

At the End of a Day!

As you all know. . . Taya is my beautiful little "challenge" right now. She just plays SO hard & is SO curious that she wears everyone out, including herself. Every morning the kids get up by 6 am & they're ready & dressed by 6:30. They always look so cute & their hair is always done nice, etc. But by the end of the day, Taya looks like a train wreck! It's SO FUNNY! Her bows are either crooked or hanging off her head or not there at all. Her clothes are stained by all the food she's spilled during the day & she usually has traces of dinner on her mouth. The picture below says it all: crooked bow, yellow stuff on her mouth from dinner, stains on her shirt, & one sock (half way on at that!). Love you little sunshine!

1 comment:

  1. That picture does not even look like Taya, I thought it was someone you were taking care of, the second one does tho. I think she looks just like Lorien.