Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Visit From Justin

My brother works for Vivint (the security system & home automation company).  He works all their finance for them & is really high up in the company.  He's always going on business golf trips, fun vacations, & TONS of business trips across the country.  I never in my wildest dreams thought he'd ever come anywhere near me.

Well, I got a text from him saying he'd be in Virginia Beach for 24 hours.  Of course he'd be in meetings most of the time, but MAYBE we could somehow manage to see each other for a few minutes. . . at least long enough for him to meet his new nephew.

His schedule was pretty tight & we didn't know how we'd manage since VA Beach is about an hour away until he got his actual schedule & he realized he'd be in a town called Newport News instead of VA Beach.  I just about DIED.  Newport News is 10 minutes from my house!!!  I was SO excited.

So, Wednesday night after Activity Days, I raced over to the Olive Garden there in Newport News with Trek & Canyon (Oma stayed at home with the older kids since it was past bed time).  I got to visit with my baby brother for a good half hour.  It was WONDERFUL.  I miss my family SO much.  Justin & I hardly ever get to see each other so this was heaven for me.  I was SO happy he got to see Canyon & I was just happy to be with him for 30 minutes.

Thank you Justin for making time for your big sister.  It meant the world to me.

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