Monday, July 8, 2013

Tylee & Pete

Saturday night (the day before Oma left), Auntie Tylee & Pete came to visit.  June was definitely the month of visitors at the Potter house.

Craiger took a good nap before Tylee arrived
so he'd have enough energy to match her
energy.  Craiger & Tylee are best of pals.

Cadence helped mommy with Canyon while
I prepared the house for Tylee's arrival.

It was SO MUCH FUN having Tylee here even if it was only for 3 days.  She couldn't wait to get her hands on Canyon.  I couldn't wait for "girl talk" & playing games.  We had a BLAST.

Like most of my kids, Canyon doesn't know
what to think of his Auntie Tylee.

Pete was a natural with the baby.  You could
tell he loved every minute of it too.

Wherever Canyon was, Pete was also.  It was SO cute seeing how much he liked being around the baby.

Bladen managed to run into the glass sliding door
trying to follow Pete outside.  I found it hilarious
that he didn't realize there was glass there.
Poor little guy.  He just loves Pete SO much.

We were VERY sad to see Tylee & Pete go.  We had a great time playing Phase 10 & Settlers of Catan together.  The kids loved playing with them as well.


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