Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Yorktown Victory Center with Opa

On Saturday we took Opa to the Yorktown Victory Center
(where General Cornwallis surrendered to George Washington at the end of the Revolutionary War).
Opa LOVES anything "war" related.  He's a big history buff so we knew we had to take him here.  It was our first time here as well, so it was VERY exciting for all of us.

We went to the "soldier's camp" first where they demonstrated how to shoot a 

The boys REALLY liked the big cannon.

Next we visited each of the little areas around the encampment to learn more about life as a solider during that time period.  Opa was especially fascinated by the medic tent & the different ways sick patients were treated back then.

The boys got bored pretty fast so they found sticks & started drawing in the dirt while we listened to the presentations.

Taya soon joined them & they started sword fighting with sticks.  Yup, that's what my kids do when they're bored.  Fight with sticks.
"Hi - Ya." 

We took the kids to all the different tents to show them how it would be to live during that time period.  The enlisted soldiers tents were basic tents lined with straw to sleep on.  SO NOT COMFORTABLE.

The officer's tents were much nicer & had beds, desks, & a trunk.

The Colonel's tent was the biggest & had lots of different things inside like games, a nice writing desk, several trunks, & a vanity. 

Opa had a blast stopping every guy in costume & asking them what they knew about the Revolutionary War.  He was fascinated with these guys' knowledge on the subject.

The kids resorted to drawing in the dirt while the adults got their fill of history.  I loved it.  My kids are SO good to find something to do while we learn.  I have the best kids in the world.

We had a ton of fun.  After visiting the Yorktown Victory Center we found a cute little beach with a river walk full of restaurants & shops.  We found a fun little deli & had lunch there.  It was FANTASTIC.  We definitely want to come back to the beach & play again sometime.

After lunch I took the kids home for naps while Trek took his dad to the
& then to Williamsburg.  I knew they'd enjoy it a whole lot more without the kids around.  They had some great father/son time & I was happy they had that opportunity.

It was a fantastic day.  We wish Opa could stay with us forever.

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