Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Anniversary Jewel Collection

I have a dear friend that I met when I was 17 years old on an AIRPLANE.  I was flying from Los Angeles back to Salt Lake City after spending the summer interning for Disney as an Imagineer.  Nancy happened to be sitting next to me on the plane & the entire ride we chatted about life in general. We had a lot in common & we became fast friends even though she was quite a bit older than I was.  At first we spoke back & forth via email, but then when I moved to LA when I was 18 we saw each other almost every weekend.  We had a BLAST.  Things changed a little bit when I got married (age 20) & moved away, but we've always stayed in touch & I always visit Nancy when I'm in the LA area.

Nancy is our family's 
"Fairy Godmother."
She sends us packages all the time with fun things for the kids or for myself.  She isn't married & doesn't have any children of her own so she spoils us like we're her family.  I always look forward to Christmas & birthdays because she sends the most AMAZING & THOUGHTFUL gifts for the whole family.

This was by far my favorite gift from her.  Not only is it all gorgeous, but it involved some research & learning on my part which I adore.  I appreciate being able to LEARN & GROW intellectually in my life & this gift did that for me.  She sent me an "Anniversary Gemstone" collection to celebrate the 12 years my husband & I have been married.  I love it because every year I'll get a new addition to the collection which means more research & learning on my part.  I LOVE THIS.

Year 1: Gold - Rose Gold Chain 18"

Year 2: Garnet - Tanzanian Garnet, 1.75ct, 8x8mm trillion cut

Year 3: Pearl - Cultured Golden South Sea Pearl, 8mm round

Year 4: Blue Topaz - London Blue Topaz, 3.00ct, 9mm round
(This cut is beyond GORGEOUS)

Year 5: Sapphire - Blue Sapphire, 3.25ct, 10x8mm oval cut

Year 6: Amethyst - Uruguayan Untreated Amethyst, 1.25ct, 7mm
octogonal cabriole cut
(The picture does it NO justice.  This guy is SPECTACULAR)

Year 7: Onyx - Mexican Black Onyx, 12mm round, checkerboard cut

Year 8: Tourmaline - Nigerian Pink Tourmaline, 1.15ct, 7mm round
(again the pic does NOT do it justice!)

Year 9: Lapis Lazuli - Afghanistan Lapis, 14x10mm, oval
cabochon cut
Year 10: Diamond - 3 Diamond Rings: Mocha, Yellow, & Red

Yep, they are GORGEOUS.  I'm just now realizing that diamonds
aren't always white.  In fact, red are some of the rarest diamonds
you can find.  SO FUN to research.

Year 11: Turquoise - Mexican Turquoise, 14x10mm oval cut

Year 12: Jade - Green Chinese Jade

It's quite the collection.  Pictures just don't look as good as the jewels themselves.  They are SPECTACULAR in person.  I'm still reading up on the history of them all which is super fun, but now I've got to decide what I want each to be made into.  I think I might want them all to be rings eventually. . . like anniversary rings since they're Anniversary Gemstones.  But that will take time & money, so one thing at a time.  

But what a FUN birthday gift.  Nancy is just SO clever.  She also bought me a book on gemstones to help me research the stones more fully.  I'm having a blast.

Thank you Nancy for such an AMAZING gift for my birthday.  But thank you even MORE for your FRIENDSHIP over the years.  It has meant more to me than you will ever know.

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