Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cadence's Guitar Club Concert

Did I mention how much I love the schools here?  Cadence's school has free extra curricular activities after school to keep kids out of trouble.  Cadence found out about their guitar club & couldn't wait to join.  She got her new guitar for Christmas this year & needed to learn how to play it.  The guitar club was perfect for her.  She worked really hard for 3 months to learn what the rest of the kids had learned over 9 months.  She's a total natural (surprise, surprise) & learns very quickly.

I was SO proud of her.

She looked so beautiful on stage.  She was SO excited to show us what she had learned.  They played four songs & she did fantastic.

Cadence's best friend, Victoria, is a part of the guitar club as well.  She just lives up the street from us & attends church with us as well.  We love her sweet family.  It was really fun seeing them perform side by side.  Best Friends Forever.


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