Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Camp Tonsofun: Day 5 - FAMILY FUN DAY

Normally I do 5 straight days of Camp Tonsofun, but since we just moved into the house & got the 4 problem areas already cleaned, there was nothing more to do so we decided to just have a fun day together.  I think it was our favorite day of the whole week because we got to be together & we had a nice, clean house!

The Camp Treats for Friday were these cute little sidewalk chalks.  I just left them on the table to let the kids know how much I appreciated their hard work this week.

For our Camp Craft we made official Camp Tonsofun 2013 shirts.  The kids got a kick out of this.  They were SO dedicated in making their shirts absolutely perfect in every way.  It really was fun.  I found these plain shirts at Michaels for $2.00 each & then bought some puff paint for a quarter a piece out of the clearance bin.  It wound up being my favorite craft the entire week.

While we let the paint dry on our shirts, we decided to have a family picnic at the lake.  Opa had a fabulous idea for this.  Each of us put our names into a bowl.  Then one by one, we drew out a name.  Whoever's name we drew out of the bowl, we got to make a special picnic lunch for them ourselves & present it to them at the lake.

Opa got to make lunch for Bladen:
crackers, lunchmeat, cheese (homemade lunchables), juice, & fruit snacks

Bladen made lunch for Craiger:
crackers, lunchmeat, cheese (homemade lunchables), juice, & fruit snacks

Lorien made lunch for me:
a HUGE sandwich with extra pickles, a large pickle on the side, & LOTS of hot peppers

Cadence made lunch for Lorien:
ham & cheese sandwich, a pickle, blueberries, chips, & juice

Taya made Opa's lunch:
a HUGE ham & cheese sandwich, strawberries, juice, & chips

& I made lunch for Taya:
ham & cheese sandwich, strawberries, chips, & juice

When we got back home from our picnic, our shirts were all ready to go.  The kids couldn't wait to put them on!


For the day's activity Lorien wrote a skit for Camp Tonsofun.  It was DARLING.  We recorded it & as soon as we get it edited & on youtube, I'll put it on this blog entry.  It is adorable.

And that concludes Camp Tonsofun 2013!

Until next year. . . 

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