Monday, July 8, 2013

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my sweet husband!  He's the best daddy to our six little ones & the best husband any girl could ask for.  I love him to death!!!

My friend Nancy sent Trek a new shirt, a TON
of chapstick, & some cooler bags for Father's Day.

We bought Trek a very special Father's Day gift this year & we knew that if we waited until Sunday to give it to him, he'd miss out on putting it together until the following weekend. . . so we let him open his present a day early.

Ever since we moved into this house he's had his tools all over the place.  Screwdrivers made homes in drawers in the kitchen. . . hammers hid happily in the baby's room . . . & wrenches were somehow buried in the fireplace in our bedroom.  He was ALWAYS looking for his tools.  So, we got him a peg board & a bunch of organization things to help him keep all of his tools in one place. . .
the garage!

He couldn't wait to get to work.  He spent most of Saturday building it, installing it in the garage, & then gathering up all his tools & organized them into one place.

Ta Da!  It was beautiful. 
(& now my garage is a whole lot cleaner.)

On Sunday we served Daddy his favorite breakfast in bed:
homemade biscuits & gravy
a Mike Wazowski donut from O Doodle Doos
& applesauce 
(which isn't one of his favorites, but Craiger INSISTED on it).

Thank you Trek for being the most wonderful husband & father anyone could ask for.  We love you SO much.

Happy Father's Day.

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