Monday, July 8, 2013

Jamestown & Williamsburg with Oma

The day before Oma left, we wanted to take her SOMEWHERE historical in this area so we decided on Jamestown since it's the kids' favorite place.  It was a cloudy day & we knew it was going to pour down on us at some point so we went bright & early to see how much we could see before we were forced to go home because of rain.

First we visited the Powhatan Indian village.  The big houses were full of skins & meats being dried.  The kids LOVE playing inside these huts.

Craiger wanted to grind some corn for dinner.

Oma was fascinated with all neat information the Indians taught us.

The kids LOVE dancing in the totems.

Second, we visited the old James Fort.  My kids LOVE the gun show there.  Bladen is really into guns & the big BOOM they make.  This guy was SO nice to let the kids look at the gun up close.

Then he took the kids inside the weapon area & let them each hold swords.  They were SO excited.

Oma enjoyed listening to everyone & the information they had to tell us about the time period & the way of life back then.  It really is interesting.

The girls decided to 
"Do Some Chores"
while we were there.

And then we tried on some armor.

The clouds were rolling in pretty thick at this point so we raced over to the boats so see as much as we could before the storm hit.  We got about 10 minutes on the boat & then it started pouring on us.

This is my favorite picture from the day.  Lo is hilarious as is
Bladen. . . but look at Oma trying to hold Craiger still.
How funny is that?  I love it.

After waiting out the storm in Jamestown, we went over to Williamsburg to the main street & took Oma to the candy store there.  They have the best German Marzipan on the planet so we all had to get a few bars to enjoy together.

It was a SUPER FUN day.  We were sad it was our last with Oma.  We wanted her to stay with us forever & ever.

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