Monday, July 8, 2013

Camp Tonsofun: Day 1 - The Dungeon

School is out so you know what that means!  It's time for
at the Potter house.

The 1st week of summer break I always put on a family camp here at the house where we get the house clean & organized & have fun at the same time.

For our first day I decided we needed to tackle what my hubby calls 
I call it my closet/craft room.

For the Camp Treat of the day I found these cute little "tummy tickles" apple juice boxes in the kids' favorite characters at the grocery store.  I put them in their bathroom AFTER they completed their bathroom chores for the week (cleaning the sinks, counters, toilets inside & out, empty the garbages, & fill the toilet paper poles).

I put notes on them that said:

They were excited when they found them.  Bladen found them first & he came downstairs asking me,
"Um, um, um Mom?  Whatsit the Spiderman in the bathroom for?"
The older girls heard him & ran upstairs as fast as they could.  They KNOW that there are treats hidden around the house during Camp Tonsofun after they do certain chores.

After doing our usual morning chores we got right to work on the DUNGEON.  It's been a mess since we moved into the house in April.  We just didn't know where to put all of my craft things & my closet is the only place we had available, but nothing was organized.  It was just piled all over the closet & our bedroom.

The BEFORE shot

My closet MESS before we cleaned it.

My floor in my bedroom.
It looked GREAT after we were done.

I was able to organize & store some of my craft things
on the fireplace in our room.

You could actually SEE the floor of my closet.

All my clothes were finally organized the way
I like them: in alphabetical order
according to color (don't ask).

I found room for my file cabinets & some of my
other craft supplies

And my bedroom floor was FINALLY empty.

After we finished our big job of the day we went downstairs to do our Camp Craft for the day:
We made peanut butter blossoms (my favorite) & the girls did most of it by themselves.  They are learning SO much SO quickly.  I love it.

The Camp Activity for the day was 
I bought this for them a while ago when it was on sale, but I've kept it hidden until now.  We had a BLAST playing while the boys took their naps.

My boys are SUPER cute when they wake up
from their naps.  They always give their mommy
a big hug & kiss.  I love it.

Monday night was Cadence's special night.  She chose lasagne, pears, & rolls for dinner.  It was yummy.  We went around the table & told Cadence how much we loved her & what we loved most about her.

Camp Tonsofun Day 1 was a success.  

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  1. Wow! cookie looks very yummy and the pictures are very nice.