Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Camp Tonsofun: Day 3 - The Pantry

Another room in the house that desperately needed some organization was our
Stuff was strewn everywhere, you couldn't even see the floor, it was a mess.
So the first thing we did on day 3 was CLEAN it.


Clean shelves make my heart happy.

For the Camp Treat today I left little notes with surprises on the kids' beds after they made them.  The boys got little finger lights & the girls got eye masks.  They all loved them.

For the Camp Craft we painted.  Taya & Bladen painted sun catchers while Cadence & Lorien painted little wooden girls.  Craiger was a good boy & took a long nap so we could enjoy our craft time without paint flying across the room (courtesy of Craiger).

For the Camp Activity for the day I got our bubble machine out with a QUART of bubble solution.  The kids played for HOURS outside with the bubbles.  My kids LOVE bubbles.

Wednesday was a hectic day for me.  I had friends visiting from Germany as well as the big Activity Days Fashion Show that evening.  I still can't believe we accomplished all that we did even with extra things taking up most of our time.  We had fun.

For dinner we combined Bladen & Craiger's night since they both wanted the exact same thing for their dinners. . . . 
We told them what we love most about them & their adorable little personalities & then rushed over to the church for the fashion show.  It was FUN.

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