Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Camp Tonsofun: Day 4 - The Garage

Opa was able to come visit us for a few days in the middle of a business trip during Camp Tonsofun.  
(LOTS of visitors in June.)
So, for our Camp Activity for the day we took Opa to our lake to feed the ducks.   He loved that.

Opa sure loves his grandkids.  It was fun having him here with us.

When we got back from our walk, it was time to buckle down & get that garage cleaned & organized.  It wasn't HORRIBLE, but it was driving me nuts that I couldn't find things that I was looking for so a little organization needed to happen.


Lorien did SO well sweeping when we got things organized.

It only took us about an hour from start to finish, but now Trek's car can actually park in the garage, & all the bikes, scooters, cars, etc. have their designated "spot."

Opa helped by holding Canyon.  He loves his
new little grandson.

It's nice seeing all the shelves in the garage nice & clean & organized the way I like it.  It looks great in there. 

During Craiger's nap time we did our Camp Craft: 
My kids LOVE playdoh.  They literally played for 2 hours straight making little ice cream sundaes out of playdoh.

Thursday night was Lorien's special night for dinner.  Lorien LOVES Chinese food so I made sweet & sour chicken, chow mein, & stir fried veggies.  We told Lorien what we love most about her & she was in heaven.

Before the kids headed to bed, they went to my room to collect their laundry for the day so they could put it away.  I had notes on their laundry piles that said:
"You ROCK at putting away your laundry" with some Pop Rocks attached for their Camp Treat.  They enjoyed that.

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