Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Canyon's Baby Blessing

Since Opa was in town, we decided to bless Canyon while he was here so he could stand in the priesthood circle.  Well, the Sunday Opa was here was Stake Conference so that wasn't going work out like we had planned.  So we got permission from the Branch President to bless him in our home.

Thursday, June 20th, we were able to bless our new little man.
President Arbukle was SO sweet to come to our house to assist with the blessing.
Trek blessed Canyon with many wonderful things:
He will love his siblings, have a strong testimony, serve in priesthood callings, have a desire to serve a mission someday, be married in the temple & have an eternal family. . . 
He will have a wonderful heart & be a friend to everyone.  He will be an example of the gospel of Jesus Christ & be a good husband & father.
But my very favorite part of his blessing. . . 
"You will always love your mother & you will always bring her great joy."

Don't you love that?  I sure do.  He does bring me great joy already.  I love this little guy.

Mimi & Baba sent Canyon the most adorable blessing outfit ever.  How cute does my little guy look?


I love this kid.  You see my face?  That's pure JOY right there.  I love you 
Canyon Murphy Potter.
I love you more than you'll ever know.

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