Monday, July 8, 2013

Last Day of School

I love where I live.  We seriously have the BEST BUS STOP on the planet.  Even though I've only been here 3 months, I have made the best of friends & just love the little kids in the neighborhood.  I love standing at the bus stop with the other moms & chatting while the kids play until the bus comes.  I'm SO sad that two of my best friends are moving this month.  The bus stop won't be the same without them next year.

Lorien & Cadence made candy bar posters for their teachers this year.  And for the bus drivers we had each of the kids at the bus stop put their fingerprints onto a planter pot & put a small flower inside with a gift card from all of us moms.  The kids were SO excited for it to be the 

Like I mentioned before, we have the best bus stop moms EVER.  We were just as excited for it to be summer break as the kids were.  SO. . . to show them how excited we were we decided to meet them after school at the bus stop with a little SURPRISE.

They had NO IDEA what was coming. . . 


Lorien wasn't as excited about being met with water balloons & silly string as I thought she would be.  Oops!  he he he.

Cadence got lucky.  By the time her bus made it
 (she goes to the Sr. Elementary & their bus comes 10 minutes after the Jr. Elementary school bus)
we were almost out of silly string.  But I still made sure she got a large pink wad of it in her hair!!!!  I'm SO mean.

Craiger LOVES water balloons!

How incredibly fun is THAT?!?

Yep, B-E-S-T  B-U-S  S-T-O-P  M-O-M-S  E-V-E-R.

Let Summer begin!

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