Sunday, July 7, 2013

Smithfield with Oma

I absolutely love the area we live in.  Cadence goes to school in a small town called Smithfield.  You've all heard of Smithfield because they're known for their ham, pork, & bacon.  YUM.

I love old town Smithfield.  All the old colonial houses from a hundred plus years ago still line Main St. & they are filled with fun shops, bakeries, & other fun things.  I wanted to take Oma out there for an afternoon of fun with the kids.

All around town they had statues of the founding fathers of our country.  The kids thought they were SO cool so we HAD to take pictures with them.

Smithfield is known for it's pork, especially ham.  All around Smithfield they have beautifully painted pigs.  My kids get a kick out of finding the pigs.  We make it a game of hide & seek & they love it.

Oma LOVES Christmas stores so I took her to the Smithfield Christmas Store to buy some ornaments for her ginormous Christmas tree.  Craiger made friends with the elf by the front door.  He just wanted to hang out with him the entire time Oma shopped.  It cracked me up.

And my very favorite place in Smithfield is the Ice Cream Parlor.  It's the cutest old time ice cream shop ever.  I like to take the kids there for ice cream cones on hot afternoons.  It's got a fun old town feel & everybody knows everybody there.  We love it.  The kids had a blast.


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