Sunday, July 7, 2013

Swimming Fun

The first place we took Oma after she arrived in VA was our swimming pool here in Eagle Harbor.  I love the cute little pool they have here.  They have a splash pad, a kids' pool with sprinklers & a slide, a kids pool (2-3 ft deep) & of course the big pool for grown ups & seasoned swimmers.  The pools are by our lake & our clubhouse.  (Have I mentioned how much I love where we live?)

We pretty much stuck to the kids' play area since we have KIDS.  Boy did they have fun.  Cadence & Lorien swam in the big pool a little bit because they're pretty good at swimming, but the little ones LOVED the slide & sprinklers.

Because Canyon was barely a month old, I wasn't allowed to swim 
(I had to wait a full 6 weeks for my body to fully recover before swimming.)
So I hung out with my little guy in the shade & watched everyone play in the water.  It was HOT & the water looked SO NICE.  I was a little jealous I couldn't get in & play too.

We had a blast with Oma.  We hope she comes back soon so we can swim with her again.

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