Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Happy 32nd Birthday to ME

So another year rolls around & I'm another year older.  32 years to be exact.  Where did all the time go?  I feel like I'm 20, but the age is definitely started to show.  I have little crows feet by my eyes & laugh lines around my mouth.  But I'm proud of my lines. . . they are from years of happiness with my sweet husband & years of laughter from my wonderful children.  I have a wonderful life & I have the lines to prove it.

I got to sleep in on my birthday which was great.  I slept all the way until 8:00.  That's UNHEARD of for me.  I'm an early bird & am usually up by 6:00 so it was nice sleeping a little longer.  Trek & the kids surprised me with a birthday breakfast consisting of:
a GIANT Mickey Mouse pancake (chocolate chips too)
& a cinnamon roll.

Here's my "official" 32 year old picture.  10 fingers from me, 10 from Craiger, a SCARY 10 from Taya, & one each from Cadence & Lorien.

I got lots of fun presents from my kiddos & family for my special day.  

Taya bought me a Mickey Mouse "D" keychain for my keys.
She knows how much I love Mickey Mouse.

My Auntie Char bought me a beautiful black
pearl necklace.

My mom, brother, & sister in law bought me a TON of fun
make-up from my favorite company.  I LOVE make-up
& they know how much I love playing with new colors.

Lorien used her money to buy me a Mickey Mouse steering wheel cover for my van which is darling & Cadence used her money to buy me a peach blush because she knows how much I love make-up.  My grandma Kinsfather send me $5 to spend on whatever I wanted & my Grandma Cherry sent me $20.
(I bought more make-up with my birthday money. . . see, I told you I love it.)

My friend Nancy sent me a TON of fun things for my birthday.  I'm TOTALLY SPOILED ROTTEN.
My favorite things from Nancy were the 3 pairs of gorgeous pumps for summer with a matching purse. SO MUCH FUN.
Oh & then the jewel collection which I'll do an entire blog post about on it's own.

Trek bought me a new stove because ours is on it's last straw.  Only 1 of 5 burners is working & the oven only heats on one side.  He made my birthday breakfast & learned VERY quickly how badly we needed a new one.  So, after presents we went shopping for a new stove/oven & found the stove of my dreams at Sears . . . . ON SALE!!!!

We went out to dinner at my favorite restaurant: Chipotle
& then when we got home the kids surprised me with a Cold Stone birthday cake with mint chocolate ice cream of course.  YUM.

 It was a fabulous birthday.  I love my kids & my sweet husband.  Thanks to all of you who wished me a happy birthday as well.  I feel loved.

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