Monday, July 8, 2013

Camp Tonsofun: Day 2 - Laundry Room & Dressers

Today we were lucky we crammed everything into the day.  It was crazy, but we still had a blast.

For our Camp Activity for the day we chose to go
But before we went to the pool, I told the kids they had to empty out their dressers, refold all their clothes, & put them back in their dressers nicely organized.  They did it in 5 minutes.  SUPER FAST.  They must have wanted to swim REALLY badly.

We swam for over 2 hours & completely exhausted ourselves.  However, there was still much work to be done.  The laundry room has been a disaster since we moved in.  There were piles on the dryer & the cleaners were all over the house & unorganized on the shelf.

It was a fairly quick job though.  The girls & I managed to get it clean in about 30 minutes while the boys took their naps.  It was WONDERFUL having a clean laundry room.

Now I can see all my cleaners, how many I have of each, & know where to put things back when I'm done with them.  HOORAY for organization.

When the boys woke up from their naps we headed out to go grocery shopping.  This was my first experience of grocery shopping with all six kids.  They did pretty well considering I dragged them around Walmart for an hour & a half.  They were bored, but they were good.

After getting groceries I promised them we could do the Camp Craft for the day. 
I let the girls do this ALL BY THEMSELVES.  I wanted to see if they had been learning anything from me the last few times I've made chocolate suckers with them.  They had a blast & their suckers actually looked REALLY good.

Cadence made the pink & brown lady bug.
It was her first try at doing two colors on one
sucker.  It turned out really cute.

The treasure chest was Lorien's first try at doing more than
one color.  She also did really well.

For dinner we ended up going to Chili's for a work function of Trek's.  So, we called it Mom & Dad's special night since neither of us had to cook or clean which was great.

For the Camp Treat of the day, I left these on the dining room table:

 Day 2 done. . . . 3 more to go.

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