Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"Modest is Hottest" Fashion Show - Activity Days

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE being the Activity Days leader?
These girls are SO MUCH FUN & I just love planning activities for them.  For the month of June I taught them all about modesty & what modesty means.  I had them set some modesty goals, & design modest clothing for 3 paper dolls.  I put their modest paper dolls on the wall of the gym for every one to see, then we invited the entire branch to come watch the girls in their fashion show!

Each girl modeled 3 outfits, a modest casual outfit, a modest set of pajamas, & a modest church dress.  I'm loving having two of my own girls in Activity Days with me.  I love being their leader.

Lorien's Casual Outfit

Cadence's Casual Outfit

Lorien's Pajamas

Cadence's Pajamas

Lorien's Church Dress

Cadence's Church Dress

All of my beautiful Activity Days girls.

After the fashion show I read the girls a book one of my best friends wrote called:
It's a really cute way of reviewing what we already taught the girls about modesty.  My girls LOVE her book & we read it all the time.

After the book I had each of the girls present their three modest paper doll designs to the audience as well as tell everyone what they learned about modesty & what goals they have for the future regarding modesty.

Before the girls left for the night, I gave them each a little "modest" fashion magazine I made up for them & we ate some yummy ice cream brownie sundaes.

This activity was SO MUCH FUN.  I hope the girls enjoyed it as much as I did.


  1. Thank you for sharing this!!! I was just put in Activity Days recently and this post was very helpful. I just ordered the book. :)

  2. Yes, they loved it and your magazine was awesome too!