Thursday, May 18, 2017

Bladen's 8th Birthday Party - Dinosaurs

When Bladen told me he wanted a dinosaur themed birthday party, I almost cried from excitement.  I've been trying to "gently push" my boys towards a dino party for years now, but they've never wanted it.  I love dinosaurs.  LOVE.  My boys love dinosaurs too which is why it surprised me that they never picked it as their theme.

So we went with a dino/Jurassic World themed birthday.  As I was trying to think of some fun things to do at his party,  I got this feeling to look through Bladen's cub scout handbook.  To my excitement, there is a "Digging In The Past" merit badge for the wolf badge & it has everything to do with dinosaurs.  I literally planned the birthday party around that merit badge so that when the party was over, Bladen & all of his cub scout friends will have earned the "Digging In The Past" merit badge at their next pack meeting.

My friend Nancy, who is also obsessed with dinosaurs, bought us a ton of stuff to decorate the house.

I made some dinosaur cupcakes with extra sprinkles, Bladen's favorite.

We decorated the table with some of the boys' toy dinosaurs & Taya made birthday hats for them.  It was hilarious.  All these big scary dinosaurs wearing birthday hats.

We had a piñata & a fun dino fact game as well.

I tried to decorate the house like a dino jungle.  Bladen loved it.

Nancy sent him a blow up triceretops which all the boys were playing with by the end of the party.

I still can't believe this handsome boy is 8 years old.  It seems like just yesterday that he was a baby.

Bladen is my silly boy.  He likes to take silly pictures before he'll take a serious picture.  He also made me wear my Indiana Jones hat to the party saying it was a palentologist hat.

I made a dinosuar dig for all the birthday guests out of plastic dinosaur skeletons, polished rocks, leaves, & plaster of paris.

When the boys first arrived, we played a dinosaur fact game.  Bladen knew all the answers since he studies dinosaur fact books in his spare time.  I swear that kid knows everything there is to know about dinosaurs & sharks.

After the game, we made dinosaur fossils out of clay & dinosaur toys by pressing the dinosaurs feet into the clay to make footprints.

After the fossils, we went outside & Trek showed the boys how to make the dinosaur digs with the plaster.  Each boy got to take a turn stirring, pouring, & placing bones inside.

After that, we broke out the digs I made a few days before the party.  We gave all the boys hammers, chisels, paintbrushes, & screwdrivers to break into their dinosaur digs. 

These boys had SO MUCH FUN with this.  They spent an entire hour, trying to excavate the bones from their digs.

After the digging excitement, we went back inside to make fossil snacks & to have cake & ice cream.

And finally, we broke open the piñata.

The party was a huge hit.  The boys had fun & Bladen was happy.  He has such wonderful friends here from cub scouts & church & the neighborhood.  We are very blessed.

Happy Birthday little man.  We love you.

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