Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Ward Carnival - Girls Camp Fundraiser

Most of you know I'm a member of 

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
(also known as the Mormon Church).

And in our church we have a wonderful youth program for boys & girls ages 12-18.  Every summer our girls go to a big Girls Camp for a week while the boys attend Boy Scout Camp.  Last year I was asked to be a leader for the girls camp & I'm excited to say I've been invited to be the same leader again this year.  I'm the 1st year "Certie" which means I get to certify all the 12 year old girls (who are at camp for the first time) in first aid, hiking, fire safety, cooking, etc.  Lorien is a first year this year, so I'm thrilled to get to spend my week at camp with her.

But, camp is expensive.  Luckily, our ward does a big fundraiser for girls camp each year.  This year, we did a big carnival.  We had a fun hot dog dinner, carnival games, a snack shop, & an huge auction where you can bid on experiences, service from the young women (like babysitting), or treats made by members of our congregation.

It is a huge undertaking, but it always turns out SO great.  We made enough money this year to send 22 girls & leaders to girls camp without the girls having to pay a single penny.  It was perfect.

Each of my girls was in charge of a carnival game to play with the kids.  Lorien wanted to do a fishing game so we built a fishing game out of Canyon's puppet studio & bought some prizes for the kids to fish for.

Cadence wanted to make a PLINKO board which was perfect.  I'd been meaning to build a PLINKO board for a while now for my children's singing class I teach & this gave me the nudge to do it.  Trek & I built this guy in a couple of days & he turned out perfect.

The carnival was so fun.  There were so many yummy treats at the snack shop.

And SO many people showed up to support us & have hot dogs.  It was really great.

Each of the girls had to help serve dinner or work in the sweet shop.  Cadence did the sweet shop while Lorien helped serve & clean up dinner.

There was an adorable program with a unicycle, upside down piano playing, & a skit put on by the young women thanking everyone for their support.

After the dinner & program, the little kids went into another room to play carnival games, while the adults stayed in the gym for the auction.

All the young women had some sort of service to auction off.  Cadence auctioned off a 1.5 hour class of teaching someone how to do genealogy.  And Lorien auctioned off home baked treats every Monday night for the month of May.

I made peanut butter fudge cupcakes for the sweet shop & all of them sold super fast.  I was hoping to buy one, but they were gone before I could even get through the line.

And for the live auction, I made my Reese's Peanut Butter Fudge cake.  It sold for $270!!!  Crazy right?  I'm so grateful for all those that came & helped make it a success.  The young women leaders here worked SO hard & it turned out SO well.

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