Monday, May 15, 2017

Track & Field

So we are Potters.  We are lovers of music, drama, & the arts.  And even though I grew up in a house FULL of sports (& even played a bit myself), we really don't do a lot of sports.  

Cadence decided this year that she wanted to try out in sports.  The poor girl tried out for every single team at the middle school this year. . . every season, & never made it on any teams.  Bless her heart.  But she was determined.  We were thrilled to find out she made the track team this month.

Seeing her name on that board literally brought tears to her eyes.  I was SO proud of her.  She got to compete in 3 events:
the mile
the 800 meter
& the 4x4 relay (Team B)

It was SO fun (& crazy busy) going to all her track meets.  Cadence is such an inspiration to me in so many ways.  I swear I learn more from her than she'll ever learn from me.  

Before her first track meet she let me know that she's not super fast so she won't win any races, but that she was there to run because she enjoyed it & it made her feel good about herself.  As I watched her run that first mile race, I realized that when she said she wasn't super fast, she meant that she would be last in every race she ran.

My heart sank as I realized she would finish last (by almost a full minute) behind 59 other kids her age.  My mommy instincts kicked in & started worrying about how she would take the loss & how she would feel.  How could I build her up, how could I make it okay?

Much to my amazement, this dear child of mine crossed that finish line with the biggest smile on her face.  She ran straight into my arms with tears in her eyes exclaimed!

"I did it!!!!  I'm on the track team & I finished a race!"

She didn't care she was in last place.  She didn't care what everyone else thought.  She was Cadence Potter & she made the track team & she ran her heart out & crossed the finish line.

She attacked every single one of her races with that excitement & zeal.  And she improved every single time she ran.  She ran her first race mile in 7 minutes 47 seconds & finished the season running the mile in 6 minutes 53 seconds, almost a full minute faster that her first run.

Her wonderful teamates stood by the sidelines & cheered her on every time she ran, giving her high fives & hugs, & made her feel like a million bucks.  THIS my friends, is what life is about.  Improving ourselves & cheering each other on.

I couldn't be more proud of my amazing 14 year old daughter.

She is my example, my life, my everything.

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