Tuesday, May 2, 2017

St. Patricks' Day 2017

Well, you know me & holidays.  Saint Patrick's Day is not my favorite day of the year, but boy does Taya love it.  For some strange reason, it's always been her favorite holiday, so I try to make it fun & exciting for her.

Every year I do the same thing. . . a rainbow treasure hunt filled with games, activities, & yummy surprises.

For breakfast we started out with some green lucky charms.  You really can't get more Irish than that right?

The clue on the cereal box led us to the dryer where the kids found some orange mustaches & some green shirts to wear to school that day.

Once everyone was all dressed up, we took some pictures, but Craiger was NOT having it.  I think it was the mustache that upset him, but he refused to smile for any of the pictures.

The kids left for school & found the yellow piece as soon as they came in from school.

My kids' favorite activity on St. Patrick's Day has always been the mint chocolate chip milkshakes.  They come home from school SO hungry & hot & tired that these really hit the spot.

The yellow piece led them to the boys' room where they found the green piece with a fun leprechaun game.

We played the game just like you'd play cootie bug.  You roll the dice, & depending on what you roll, you draw a piece of your leprechaun.  The kids loved it.  And their leprechauns turned out adorable.

The green piece led them to the girls' closet (which needed a good cleaning).  After they got their clothes picked up, they got to have some outside time with a bubble machine.

Soon, it was time for dinner.  Green ravioli, green alfredo sauce, green apples, & a green salad.  Yum.

We finally found our final rainbow piece in the coat closet.

We played a game of minute to win it involving M&M's & straws, then we went in search of the final leprechaun's treasure.

They found it!!!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone.  :-) 

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