Sunday, May 21, 2017

Canyon's 4th Birthday

I cannot believe my baby is 4 years old.  How does that happen?  He's not a baby anymore.

Canyon is such a fun little boy.  He's busy, crazy, & exhausts me, but I love him so much.  He's been waiting patiently for his birthday ever since the girls' birthday in February.  The time was finally here & he was on cloud 9.

For his birthday breakfast he chose:
scrambled eggs, bananas, toast, & the birthday ding dong.

He was a very happy birthday boy.

Canyon is the baby & is SO loved by his older brothers & sisters.

After the kids got home from school, we opened presents from family & friends.

Mimi & Baba got him a fun writing toy.

Auntie Char & Uncle Jay put some money in his college account & Grandma K. sent him a card with $10 inside.

My friend Nancy went all out this time & pretty  much bought him a whole new wardrobe for summer.  He especially loved his 2 new hats.

Auntie Cari & Uncle Justin got him a Mario Kart lego set & some of his favorite water wow books to help him stay quiet at church.

The kids got him 2 new infinity toys.

Opa & Oma got him some awesome star wars toys from Disneyland.

And Trek & I got him some mario toys since he's completely obsessed with Mario right now.

Happy Birthday little man.  We love you so much.

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