Wednesday, May 3, 2017

San Francisco Fun

I love that 2 of Trek's sisters live in San Francisco.  It only takes us about 40 minutes to get up to Tylee's house & we really need to do it more often.  We always have a blast.

This was the first time we'd seen her new house up there.  She was SO excited to give us a tour.  It is gorgeous.  We love having her so close.

Trek's sister Triskin was also up there visiting.  She's moving to San Fran this month too so we'll get to see her new place soon as well. 

After hanging out for a bit at home, we headed to a movie (Beauty & the Beast), but walked past this amazing park right by Tylee's house.

Of course, we HAD to stop & play for a bit.  It was a GREAT park.

Bladen even found a climbing wall which is his favorite thing in the world.

The movie was amazing & the theater we went to was such a cute theater.  It served lunch & everything was just perfect.

On our way back to Tylee's house, we decided to go back to the park, but it was crazy packed with people.  We still don't know what was going on (other than there were a LOT of people in their underwear making out & smoking bongs), so we decided to skip the park & go straight to Tylee's.  ha ha ha.  Oh man, the questions my kids were asking along the way. . . 

"Mom, why is that guy sliding down a slip-n-slide with no water & no clothes on?"

"Keep walking honey!"

ha ha ha ha ha.  Always an adventure. . . especially in San Francisco.

It was such a fun day.  We can't wait to do it again . . . but maybe next time minus the naked people at the park.  ha ha ha.

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