Monday, May 15, 2017

Elementary School Music Concerts

It's nearing the end of the school year.  That means we're hitting all the music concerts & award ceremonies at school.

All 3 kiddos at Monta Loma Elementary School had their music/choir concerts on different days over a 2 week period.  It was fun seeing each of them sing songs they've learned this school year.  We are SO blessed to be at schools that really work hard at making music a part of their actual curriculum.  I love it.  Their music teacher is great & they all did such a great job.

Click on the links to hear the kids sing their songs:

We also had the school Walk-A-Thon the same day as Taya's concert.  The kids loved that.  There was good food, yummy treats, raffles, music to dance to, & LOTS of walking to earn money for the school.  We had a blast.

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