Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Easter Vacation Day 6 - Easter Egg Hunt

I love Easter at the Potter's house.  It's seriously like Christmas.  The entire family comes to town, we talk, we eat, we play games, & we have the most epic easter egg hunt you've ever seen.

There's a lot of down time too.  During down time we enjoy dancing, napping, & hanging out with our phones.  ha ha ha.

We also wrestle & have kiss fights with our Aunties.  My kids love their Auntie's so much.

Trek's mom puts on the best egg hunts ever.  We go in waves based on age:
newborn - 4 years old
5 - 8 years old
9 - 18 years old
& Adults

Oma puts money in almost every egg, along with some candy.  There are over 200 eggs for each hunt.  It's insane, but SO MUCH FUN.

Tylee helped Canyon find all his eggs.

I got to help my niece Ella find hers.  It was fun having some time with her.

The boys enjoyed their hunt as well.  They raced to see who could collect the most eggs/money.

By the time it was the girls' turn, the adults were sabotaging them.  Trek managed to trip Cadence on her way out the back door while I kept standing in between Lo & the eggs.  I think the silliness of it all makes it even more fun.

I don't have any pictures of the adult hunt (because I was running, fighting, stealing, & finding my own eggs), but it was hilariously fun.  Mom thought it would be fun to put eggs in cups of water this year which made a REALLY hiliarious beginning of the race with cups of water being dumped over each other's heads.

It was really great though.  Everyone got a TON of eggs & a TON of money.

After all the hunts are done, we all sit down & count our money in our eggs to declare a grand winner of the egg hunt.  Tylee somehow always wins & she did again this year.  Such a cheater.  ha ha ha.  I don't know how she does it, but she always manages to have about 20 more eggs than everyone else.

The kids get SO excited about their money.  They all averaged out about $25 in cash from their eggs.

I got $38 & Trek got $32.  Tylee managed to get $68 in hers.  But everyone was a winner & we all had a blast.

After the excitement of lunch & the egg hunt, we all took a nap.  Look at this kids' eyelashes.  Gorgeous.  Why can't I have lashes like that?

Later that night, a few of us decided we wanted to go play laser tag at Mountasia.  My kids have never played before & it's been years since Trek & I have gone.  Tylee & Carolyn came too.  We had so much fun.  I want to go again.

I took 2nd to Trek.  That has NEVER happened before.  I ALWAYS beat him.  He was pretty proud.  I couldn't find any of the point targets & he found them all so he totally racked up major points.  But I still took 2nd based solely on hitting people.  :-)   It's nice to know I'm still a good shot.

As we were getting ready to leave, Tylee told us she wanted to go on the bumper boats.  We had time so why not?  The kids were excited.  I was nervous.  I really hate water.  I hate being on water.  I can't swim.  Boats are a huge fear of mine.  I hate water touching my face.  (I know, I'm the wicked witch of the west)  But I did it for the kids.  I got to ride with Craiger. 

As soon as we sat down, Craiger pushed one of the buttons in the boat & a stream of water shot out of a water gun on the front of our boat.  Trek, Carolyn, Tylee, & I looked at each other & literally said 
"UH OH!"

We had no idea there were water guns.  Once the kids figured it out, we knew we were done for.

Talk about 15 minutes of the biggest water fight I've ever been in in my entire life.  We were soaked to the bone.  My kids know I fear water, so of course they just followed me around in their boats trying to hit me in the face.  And they did the little turkeys.  

Luckily, after a few hits & several screams, I got used to it.  Maybe it even helped me cure a little bit of my fear of water.  We'll see.

Either way, we had a blast.

And we were SOAKED.

It was a great end to a great day.

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