Monday, May 1, 2017

Craiger's 6th Birthday Party - Angry Birds

I was secretly super excited when Craiger told me he wanted to have an Angry Birds birthday party for his 6th birthday.  Angry Birds isn't super popular, but boy would it make a fun party.

The first thing I did was paint our 2 kickballs (that we use for night games in the summer) so they have Red & Chuck's face on them.

Then I prepared all the cupcakes to look like Angry Birds.

I think they turned out super cute.

Craiger is such a cute little kid.  I swear he gets bigger every day & I just melt every time he smiles at me.  I can't get enough of his sweet cuddles & hugs.  I can't believe he's 6.

Seriously, look at that face.  How could you NOT love a face as cute as that one?

Nancy sent us a bunch of fun Angry Birds table things so we could really dress up the table for the party.  She is so wonderful.

And of course we had to have a green pig pinata.

The first thing we did was pin the eyebrows on Red.

Most of the kids didn't even come close to the poster.

Then we played a small, indoor Angry Bird game by throwing soft angry birds at some jenga pieces on the floor.

But the highlight of the party was the life size angry bird game.  I'd been saving boxes since Christmas.  Trek & I stacked up the boxes in different ways & put green pig balloons inside or on top of them.  Then we let the kids throw the angry bird balls at the boxes to try to knock down the pigs.  I think the kids played this for almost an hour.  They were having SO MUCH FUN.

After some outside fun, we came inside to have cake & ice cream.

And followed up with the pinata.  .  .  which the kids broke before I could even take any pictures.

Craiger has some adorable friends.  They all came & brought him the sweetest little gifts.  We're so blessed to have such good friends for the kids here in CA.  I love the people we've met & the friends my kids play with.

Happy Birthday Craiger man.  We sure love you.

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