Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Bladen's 8th Birthday

Bladen had a great 8th birthday!  He's been waiting to be 8 for a while now & he was thrilled to wake up an 8 year old.

For his birthday breakfast, he requested breakfast burritos, bacon, bananas, & a ding dong.

Good morning birthday boy.

He was so happy.  Tired, but happy.

I can't believe my Bladen is 8 years old.

After breakfast, we did the crazy hair for crazy hair day & sent the kids to school.  I had to pick Bladen up early for an eye doctor appointment, but then when I took him back to school, I brought some homemade chocolate M&M cookies to share with his class for his birthday treat.

His class let him sit in the birthday chair & they sang happy birthday to him.  Then we went outside to enjoy our treat.

Click the link below to watch Bladen in action on the playground.  That kid is a monkey!

For his birthday dinner, Bladen chose dinosaur pasta with meatballs, caesar salad, & bananas.  Dino pasta was one of the strangest requests I've ever had, but my friend Nancy actually found some dino pasta in Southern CA & mailed it to me.  SO FUNNY.

He was pretty excited about it.

After dinner we opened presents.  The kids got Bladen 2 new Disney Infinity characters:
Chewbacca & Darth Maul.  
Bladen is still my Star Wars kid.

Opa & Oma sent him 2 lego sets. . . both Star Wars.

Auntie Cari, Uncle Justin, & all his cousins on my side of the family sent him a cool firetruck lego set.

Mimi & Baba got him an awesome pair of drumsticks & a drum pad.  (We were face timing with them when he opened it so I must not have gotten a picture.)

And Grandma Kinsfather is always so sweet to remember my kids' birthdays.  She always sends a card with some money in it.

Auntie Char & Uncle Jay are always great about adding money to the kids' college funds too.  We are so grateful for family.

Trek & I carried out this year's tradition with a new bike.  All the kids should have bikes that fit them now.  YAY.  He gets to pick it out himself.

And my friend Nancy sent him all sorts of amazing clothes, some awesome Dinosaur Vans Shoes, & a dinosaur book.  She knew his birthday party was going to be dinosaurs & she rolled with it.  SO many fun dino things.

Happy Happy Birthday Bladen.  You are my sweet, kind hearted, patient, & loving little boy.  You make me proud.  I love you.

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