Friday, May 5, 2017

Easter Vacation Day 5 - Ventura Beach

So Day 4 of our vacation I was with my friend Nancy, so I don't have any pics from that day since I was gone from dawn until dusk.  

But day 5 was a blast.  I love the beach.  I always have & always will.  My kids love it too.

This trip we went out to Ventura Beach.  It's not my favorite beach, but it was quiet, not busy at all, & provided several hours of fun for my kids.

Sandcastles are always a favorite at our house.  My kids can spend hours building sand sculptures.

They also love to bury each other in the sand. . . as does my husband who is pretty much a kid too.

Ventura Beach is a very rocky beach, which Bladen loved.  He loves shapes, math, symmetry, lines, & anything stacked.  He spent a good hour & a half just stacking rocks on the beach in different patterns/lines/arrangements.

It was a gorgeous day & perfect in every way for the beach.  I miss it & want to go back already.

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