Wednesday, May 3, 2017

School Fun

In March we had a lot of different fun school things happening, as well as just some fun random things at home.  I tried to take pictures when I could.

Cadence & Lorien had their school walk-a-thon & of course it was pouring rain the entire time.  They still had a blast, especially Lorien.  She still got painted with colored chalk even though it was raining cats & dogs.

Taya, Bladen, & Craiger had an open house at their school with the science fair (Taya's Tornado project) & an art show.  They loved showing us their art.

Canyon, being the devious little devil that he is, managed to write a note to his best friend Jacob on the back of his pillow in the middle of the night.  Jacob's mom thought it was hilarious.  Me, not so much. . . but it came clean so yay.  It was kind of cute though.  He's such a stinker.

And I tried my hand at cutting Bladen's hair by myself.  It wasn't perfect, but it wasn't half bad either. Isn't he just such a stud?  What a cutie.

And Taya learned how to make flower crowns at activity days.  SO pretty.

March was a busy month for sure, but we did a lot of fun things.

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