Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Stake Pioneer Activity

I know I talk about this a lot because I'm SO involved in it right now, but this summer our church group is doing a really big pioneer trek up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  My dear friend Kara & I are in charge of all the food up there.  We have an amazing committee of 11 people & we're going to make sure those kids have plenty of food after they hike with those handcarts all day long for 3 days.

Leading up to this big trek, we've been having firesides & activities at the church to get the teens excited for this adventure.  At the end of April we had a HUGE pioneer activity & it was a BLAST.

Both Lorien & Cadence got to go (ages 12-18) & they had a blast with their friends.  We had a large obstacle course each teen had to complete & it was pretty fun to watch.

First there was a stick pull.  Lorien doesn't know her own strength!  ha ha ha.

Cadence had fun hanging out with her church buddies.  This is one amazing group of girls.

Here were some of the events:

Cow Pie Frisbee - Pitch the cow pie into the fire!

Shoot the Buffalo:  self explanatory

Lasso the cow

Gunnysack Races

Pioneer dress up Relay - We had skirts, boots, bonnets, aprons, suspenders, etc. on this clothsline, & they had to put on at least 4 items & race in a handcart around the field.

And Apple Peeling (this was my station)

I think the pioneer dress up station was everyone's favorite.  The boys realized skirts were a whole lot faster to put on than pants.  ha ha ha.

Lorien had some friends from school on her team.  They were super fast too.

Cadence is my timid little pioneer.  What a cutie.

But she totally rocked the apple peeling.  That girl is AWESOME in a kitchen.

It was such a fun night.  I can't wait for the pioneer trek.

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