Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Taya's Science Project - Tornadoes

Taya is my weather loving kid.  She wants to be a meteorologist when she grows up & she is SO smart when it comes to anything regarding weather.

When we found out she had to do a science project/model this year, she immediately started thumbing through her weather books.
"I want to make a tornado!"

So she did a science model (she made a model of her subject instead of an experiment) & learned everything she could about tornadoes.  She learned what types of tornados there are, what they are, how they are formed, what they can do, & lots more.  She gathered all that information, organized it into sections, & typed up everything all by herself.

Then she made a beautiful display board of everything she learned.

For her model, we made several different tornados in a water bottle.  We experimented with plain water & dish soap, water/dish soap/food coloring, water/dish soap/glitter, etc.  The funny thing was that the best tornados came from using plain old tap water & a few drops of dish soap. . . nothing else.

Once she got it all done, she typed up everything on how to make a model tornado & attached it to her board with all her reasearch.

The whole project looked amazing.  Her attention to detail was really really exceptional for her age.  She was SO proud to sit in front of her project at the school science fair where she answered questions from everyone passing by.  SO many people commented on how she really knew her stuff regarding wind/cold & hot air/air pressure/ & tornadoes.

She did such an amazing job.  Very well done Taya. . . my little ray of sunshine.

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