Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Pinewood Derby

This year is a big birthday for Bladen.  He turned 8 years old in April which means he gets to be baptized in our church & he gets to join cub scouts.  He's been looking forward to being a cub scout for a very long time.

He was SO excited when we went to the scout store & got his uniform.  In a matter of days he had the entire scout oath & scout law perfectly memorized.

His birthday fell the day after the yearly pinewood derby for his cub scout troop, but they were so kind & let him participate too.  He spent hours on his car & wouldn't let Trek help him at all.  It was HIS design, HIS paint job, HIS everything.  He was very proud of his car.  He even named it:

It's Great To Be 8!

At the pinewood derby, Bladen got introduced to the cub pack & was awarded his Bobcat award.  Bladen & I had been working for a few weeks to pass off all the requirements for the Bobcat award so he could start cub scouts working on his wolf badge.

They had Trek flip him upside down to receive the award which Bladen thought was hilarious.

The pinewood derby was super exciting.  There were about 20 cars racing & all did great things.  Bladen's was one of the slowest cars there, so he didn't win any races, but he was sure proud of his little car.

Much to his surprise, Bladen was awarded with the Craftmanship trophy for his cool design.  That little guy was SO proud.

He is SO excited to be a cub scout.  I can't wait to help him on this new adventure.

Adventure is out there!

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