Friday, May 19, 2017

May the Fourth Be With You

You all know I'm a Star Wars Nerd to the 100th degree of nerdiness.  So of course I celebrate Star Wars day:

May 4th

or as we nerds like to say . . . 
"May The Fourth Be With You!"

I found some Star Wars cereal at the store & saved it just for Star Wars Day.  I hate to say it, but it was disgusting.  ha ha ha.

But at least we were eating out of R2D2 bowls right?  (Because I actually have R2D2 bowls that we use on a regular daily basis)

Canyon was the only one who liked it.

But because we all love Star Wars, we all wore Star Wars shirts for the day (because, yes we all have Star Wars shirts).

Trek wore one of Bladen's shirts.  The fact that he fit into an 8 year old's shirt makes me laugh.

It was a great day.  We watched Star Wars, had Star Wars character shaped pasta for dinner. . . it was a great day.

May the Force Be With You.

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