Sunday, May 21, 2017

Canyon's 4th Birthday Party - Mario

For Canyon's birthday party he begged for me to do it Mario themed since he's so obsessed with Mario right now.

I made him some cute red & green cupcakes with Mario rings in them.

And I couldn't find a Mario pinata for the life of me so I found a star shaped Toy Story piƱata & redid it to make it look like a Mario Star.

We've been Mario characters for Halloween twice so we brought in the Halloween costume trunk & got dressed up for the party.  Canyon LOVED that.  We also set up a huge Mario obstacle course for all the kids.

Part of the course was a BOO escape where you had to weave your way through the Boo's (white balloons filled with helium with Boo faces drawn on them) to get to Bowser.

Taya made little Goombas for the kids to step on for the obstacle course.

And Miss Taya was Princess Peach.

Oh my goodness.  This little boy is my life.  He is SO hilarious & adorable.

I love the mischief in his eyes.

Bladen dressed up like Luigi.

And Lorien was a good sport & dressed up like the little plants that pop up out of pipes & throw fireballs.

Craiger was the cutest toad you've ever seen.

All together we were definitely a Mario family.

Cadence & Lorien & Taya put together the obstacle course by themselves while Trek & I went to the temple.  They did an amazing job at setting it all up & creating the boxes, characters, etc.

We didn't have a Bowser costume so Trek was Bowser dressed like a cross between a goomba & Wario.

When the guests arrived we started by watching the old 80's Super Mario Brothers TV show & colored Mario pictures.

The guests all got Mario or Luigi hats & mustaches.

Princess Peach & Toad started the welcome of the party, 

But then Bowser came & stole the Princess & trapped her in his castle (aka the trampoline)

Each of the kids had to complete the Mario world (obstacle course) to save the princess.   First they had to jump up & get the mushroom to grow big.

Then they had to travel through the pipe.

Then they hit the question box to get coins & the fireflower.

After that, Luigi gave them some fireballs to throw at the plant in the pipe.

As they smashed all the goombas.

Lorien loved being the plant.

After that they had to jump on Yoshi's back (Cadence . . . I forgot to get a picture of her wearing green as Yoshi) & she took them to the Boo playground where they had to avoid touching Boo.

Once they completed that, they entered Bowser's castle & tried to defeat Bowser so they could rescue the Princess.

Bowser used Bob-ombs to try to defeat you (black balloons with eyes & feet)

But in the end, the kids all defeat Bowser & rescued Princess Peach.

The kids got a kick out of it.

And then jumped around the castle for a bit.

After they were hot & tired, we came inside & played a few games of Mario Memory.  These kids were Memory Masters.

Next we played, pin the star on Mario.

And played a few rounds of Mario Kart (which was the kids' favorite).

Cake & ice cream was delicious & the kids enjoyed laughing & eating together.

And we finished with our star pinata.

Canyon has such good friends from church here.  We are blessed to be around such wonderful people.  He loved all the gifts they brought & all the fun times they had together.

Happy birthday little man.  You are such a goofball & we love you so much.

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