Monday, March 29, 2010

Bath Abby

After we found our REAL hotel, we dropped all our stuff off & took off for the Bath City Center. Bath is awesome. It's so small! You park right in the center of town & you can walk to everything. All the main roads are lined with shops & restaurants. . . it's so cute. The first thing you see is the beautiful Abby right in the center of town. It is GORGEOUS!

We went inside the Abby right before it closed. It was even more beautiful inside than it was outside. Trek & I were in complete awe at the ceiling carvings. They were SO beautiful!

It was fun visiting the Abby. I'm a HUGE Jane Austen fan & 2 of her books (her 1st & last: Northanger Abby & Persuasion) were written about her time spent in Bath. They both speak of some of the fun sights we saw there. That made it extra exciting for me.

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