Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Preston England Temple

After we exhausted ourselves at Warwick Castle, we hopped back into the car & drove the remaining 2 hours to Preston, England. The church owns a huge piece of land there. On that land sits the Preston Temple, the England Missionary Training Center, a home for the temple president & missionaries, & then a hotel for those doing temple work.

We got out & went to check ourselves into the hotel. The lady at the front desk just stared at us blankly. "I'm sorry, but we don't have you down as having a reservation here!" I just about died! "WHAT? My mom booked 2 rooms over 2 months ago!" The lady looked again & said that she did have 2 rooms reserved for "Sorensen" but never heard back from her to confirm so they cancelled them. We started to panic! Mom came in & told the lady that she did confirm back in January, but the lady said that we were supposed to call & confirm again a week before our stay. Mom was never told that! We begged & pleaded for a room. We didn't know what to do. LUCKILY our prayers were answered & they had 2 rooms that were unbooked for that night & that night only. Thank heavens!!

Trek & I got to do the temple work first this time. We both went for an hour while mom & dad took care of the kiddos. And then we came back & let them go do some work while we put the kids to bed. It was a great to be able to take turns like that. We all got to experience the blessings of temple work, & yet the kids were well taken care of & enjoyed themselves as well.

The temple hotel in Preston was almost identical to the hotel in London. We got to sleep in bunk beds like the kids which is always fun. We ate dinner out of a vending machine. . . cup of soup & blueberry muffins. Not the most nutritious dinner, but it worked. Plus, we were all still full from that monster lunch at the castle. It was perfect. And the best part? We were all asleep in bed by 9 pm!! It doesn't get much better than that!

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