Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Children's Science Museum

After lunch, we walked back to the Children's Science Museum. It's one of many FREE museums in London. It was a lot of fun. We started out on the main floor which was dedicated to space & the transition of old to modern inventions that have changed the world.

The space exhibit was exciting. Lorien was the most interested in that area. They had a replica of the lunar landing module & she stared at it forever. She asked questions about the moon & how you can walk on the moon, & she even got to put her hands in astronaut gloves & tried to unscrew some bolts with them (just as they had to do in space). There were rockets, spaceships, & all sorts of fun things to look at & play with. It was a blast!

After exploring space for a little bit, we went into the invention center. This was fun for us adults! There were coaches, bicycles, an actual TRAIN, cars, an airplane, & all sorts of modern inventions. They had shelved exhibits showing inventions for each decade in the 20th century. My mom & dad were hooked on the 70's exhibit (when they were teenagers), & Trek & I were laughing at the 80's & 90's exhibits. They had the 1st Apple computer (Trek had to get a picture of course), as well as an 8 track player, VHS, an original cell phone (can we say HUGE?), & toys that we remember playing with as children. . . it was hysterical!

The girls were fascinated with the cars, trains, boats, & airplanes. They had a small car cut in half so you could see what a car looks like inside & they LOVED that!

Taya pretty much didn't like any of it. She wanted to touch things & there really wasn't much to touch here. She showed us how she felt by throwing herself down on the ground. She was done! It was quite funny. That's how we knew it was time to move on to another exhibit.

The kids were getting restless, so we decided to go upstairs to the medical exhibit to end our trip there. I about DIED at the diorama's there. They had these little plastic figures set up in ways they did surgery back in prehistoric, middle age, & modern times. Can we say DISGUSTING? They had one guy with his stomach cut open & all his innards oozing out, & in another one there was a guy with a stick sticking straight out of his eye. Another one showed people removing a guy's leg that was frostbitten. I was DONE with this part of the museum as soon as I entered it. I was sick to my stomach. Cadence thought it was funny. . . I think she thought it was more funny that I was gagging.

So, on our way out, we stopped at the gift shop & Mimi got each of the girls a cute little souvenir from the Science Museum. They all had fun & I was happy they learned a few things. I love museums!!

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