Monday, March 29, 2010

The Roman Baths . . . in Bath

After the Abby, we visited the Roman Baths. These were absolutely amazing!! The Romans built the structure & the temple centuries ago because they found natural hot springs in the ground there. There were several "pools" of water that would fill up on their own with hot bubbly water (like a natural hot tub). The Romans believed them to be a gift from the Goddess of Water, so they built a bath structure around each pool as well as a temple to that Goddess right in the center of them all. The structures still stand today & the water still bubbles up into the pools. It was amazing to know that we were looking at something centuries old, but were still working just as they did back then.

Cadence kept commenting that the water was green & yucky & that she would never step foot into something SO disgusting. Teenage years. . . here we come! She is SO funny.

I loved how you could be standing above the baths & see the Abby right behind you. The two together made a beautiful scene.

They had an original drain used to drain the water that still works today. I'm amazed at how well preserved these pools were.

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