Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The White Cliffs of Dover & Dover Castle

After Windsor Castle, we hopped back in the van & drove out to Dover to the port. We were still quite early, so we took a road up to the top of the white cliffs by the Dover Castle. It was a beautiful day so we made a picnic lunch & enjoyed ourselves while overlooking the English Channel. The kids found some snails & enjoyed playing with them for a little bit.

And then we went back & got on the ferry. The water was very busy that day & I got really sea sick this time around. I was happy to be on solid ground again. But the cliffs were beautiful as we were pulling out of port. What a perfect end to a wonderful 10 day trip. Lots of memories were made & we'll never forget it! WE LOVE ENGLAND!!


  1. Dani do you guys know the story of the white cliffs of Dover?? there is even a song about them.

  2. I wonder if you will ever go back?