Thursday, March 25, 2010

Buckingham Palace

After playing at the park, we took another bus to Buckingham Palace. Of course, the bus doesn't drop you off right at Buckingham Palace . . . they drop you off & expect you to figure out which way to go on your own. We found it alright, but went around a full block when we didn't have to. I was really amazed at how it was surrounded by every day buildings. I thought for sure it would be off in some location all by itself, but it wasn't. It was right in the middle of the city & it was surrounded by apartment buildings, city buildings, a gym, & fast food restaurants. We were certain we got off at the wrong stop, but then voila! There it is!

Buckingham Palace is closed to the public for most of the year. In July & August you can tour the state rooms (which I've heard is amazing), but since it's only March we got to see it from the outside only. The gates surrounding it are gorgeous! They are topped with gold & it just sparkles when the sun hits it.

Trek wanted a picture taken of him with it since he is usually the one taking the pictures. He wanted to be able to check this off his list of "things to see before I die!" (Actually we marked off several of those this trip.)

For some reason, I thought Buckingham Palace was more of a castle. I think I got it mixed up with Windsor Castle or the Parliament buildings. Basically, Buckingham Palace is a huge government style building. . . . like a big "White House." I guess that's what it's used for right? It was beautiful.

Cadence & Lorien was amused with the guards. Cadence wanted to see if she could stand as still as the guards did. She wanted to guard the queen.

And then there's Lorien who wants to BE the QUEEN! (See her cute "I'm the queen" wave?)

We had lots of fun & took lots of pictures here. It was a fun stop on our itinerary.

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  1. Dani don't tell me you did not get a picture of a guard. Where is the guard at the palace?