Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lunch at Good 'Ole KFC

Since we couldn't eat at the Hard Rock, we hopped the nearest double-decker bus (SUPER FUN) to South Kensington where the 2 museums were that we were going to visit that day. According to Trek's magical iPod Touch, there was a KFC a museum's length away from the Natural History Museum. That's not a huge walk right? It's just the same length as the museum past the museum. Then we saw the museum!!! No big deal. . . it's only the size of THREE CITY STREET BLOCKS!!! I've never seen such HUGE buildings before!! But still, 3 blocks isn't too bad to have to walk to eat lunch.

KFC was fun. We haven't eaten at KFC in over 3 years, so this was kind of a treat for us. But the KFC's in England don't have mashed potatoes. That was totally bizarre to me (mostly because that's all I usually eat at KFC). They had gravy, but no potatoes. My dad got the gravy & dipped his chicken in it. It was kind of odd, but fun. We were just happy to be fed.

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  1. What Trek eating chicken on a bone!