Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hard Rock Cafe London . . . & Telephone Booths

After Harrod's, we decided to go to the Original Hard Rock Cafe. We were SO excited. When we got there, the line was HUGE!! They told us it would be a full hour's wait to eat. We decided to find lunch somewhere else, but still enjoyed taking pictures at the Hard Rock. I especially loved the sign in the front window: "No Drugs or Nuclear Weapons Allowed Inside"

We explored the store a bit & Trek got himself a London Hard Rock pin & I got me a beautiful black hoodie that says "Hard Rock London." I try to get a hoodie at each Hard Rock we go to. So it made the trip there super fun because I found a new hoodie that I didn't have & that I really liked.

On our way back to the subway stop, we decided to take a second & pose with the famous red telephone booths. We were being the biggest dorks posing in & out of them, but we loved it!

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