Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Once again, we woke up bright & early & ate another wonderful breakfast at our bed & breakfast. This time I opted for the croissant with ham & cheese. SO GOOD!! We hopped into the cars & drove the 3 hours to London. Our hotel for our last day was right in the center of London! My poor dad was TERRIFIED of driving in the city on the "wrong" side of the road. Trek wasn't too panicked (nothing could be worse that Brussels, Belgium in his eyes). It actually turned out to be a lot easier than most European cities we've driven in. Trek & Dad stayed together (dad was following us) pretty well with all the city traffic. We got honked at several times, but nobody got hurt & we arrived safely at our hotel.

We immediately checked in & put poor, sick little Taya & Bladen in one of the rooms with Baba. Poor Taya was screaming with ear pain. Thank heavens we'd be home tomorrow so we could get her some medicine. The tylenol & ibprofen only helped for so long. Dad stayed with the younger two while Trek, Mom, Cadence, Lorien, & I walked to the nearest subway station. Trek just walked us there to make sure we knew which direction to walk when we got back & then he waved good-bye as we got on our train to the theater. Trek went back to help dad out with the younger kiddos.

Girls Day Out!! We got off the tube & stopped at a cute little bakery & ate croissants & danishes for lunch. Then we walked to the Apollo Victoria Theater to see Wicked!

The show was 3 hours long & was just AWESOME!! I think Lorien might have been a little young for it, but she still had a blast. The dragon & the wizard of Oz scared her to death. But she LOVED the green witch when she flew across the stage! Cadence was extremely observant of the story & the characters & I really enjoyed the experience with her.

I'm SO happy I had the opportunity to have a mommy daughter date alone with Cadence & Lorien. I hope they had as much fun with me as I did with them!

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