Monday, March 29, 2010

Pulteney Bridge

After visiting the baths, we headed up the road to take a look at the Pulteney Bridge. Pulteney Bridge is a cute little bridge that is full of shops. It's fun to shop as you're walking across the bridge. Just beyond the bridge, in the river, they've made a fountain-like thing. It's really pretty to look at.

The shops on the bridge were fun. There were doll shops, map shops, bakeries, clothing, everything you could imagine. They were SO fun to look at.

My mom got herself a "nanny" doll from the doll shop, as well as a royal bear for her doll collection cabinet at home. She was WAY excited.

And then before heading back, we stopped at a yummy little bakery on the bridge. Dad bought himself a cherry pastry, my mom got a piece of chocolate cake, I got an apple cake dessert, & Trek got a toffee dessert. YUMMY!!

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