Monday, March 29, 2010

Jane Austen Tea Rooms

After visiting Stonehenge, we hopped back in the van & headed back to Bath to finish seeing everything there was to see there. Today was MY day. I was SO excited to visit the Jane Austen Center to learn all about my favorite author! It was lunchtime so we were able to eat lunch in the Jane Austen Tea Rooms. Can you say SO MUCH FUN??? The waitresses were all dressed up in period clothing resembling the time of Jane Austen & they served us all sorts of yummy tea room food.

Since we don't drink tea, we all got a cup of Belgian hot chocolate with extra whipped cream & chocolate pieces. All 4 kids LOVED it. . . especially Bladen. Mimi spoiled him rotten with her hot cocoa.

Poor little Taya was sick again. She had a really high fever & just wanted to be held all day long. We felt so sorry for her. During lunch she told me that her ear hurt. Poor little girl had a double ear infection & there was absolutely NOTHING we could do about it. We gave her lots of extra loving all that day (& lots of tylenol & motrin to keep the fever down).

The food was great too. We all got to taste English "crumpets" (aka REAL English Muffins) to dip in our hot cocoa, & then we eat got a different tea sandwich. I got a caramelized onion & cheese sandwich. Everybody else thought I was disgusting for choosing that, but it was SO GOOD! I wanted to experience something different than a typical ham & cheese. I'm SO glad I did.

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