Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shopping on Oxford Street

At 10:30 we hopped on the tube & rode it to Oxford Circus . . . aka Oxford St. . . aka THE BEST SHOPPING IN LONDON! We were hungry so we stopped by a Subway & got sandwiches to go & ate them on the steps of the actual Subway. How funny is that?

Knowing that the day wasn't going to be the funnest day in the world for the kiddos, Trek & I took them into the Disney Store & let them each pick out a beanie baby pet to take with them for the day. They were SO excited! Cadence picked out Patch from 101 Dalmations, Lorien picked Marie from the Aristocats, & Taya picked out Nala from the Lion King. They loved their "pets" & promised to be good all day long while we shopped. (And they were great!)

The first store we hit was Primark. We had heard SO MANY great things about it. All those great things were complete understatements. This place was probably the most awesome store I've ever been in in my entire life. It was DIRT CHEAP, HUGE, & the clothes actually looked fabulous!! We went CRAZY in here. I bought me a pair of skinny jeans & a sweater dress. I bought Cadence a few T-shirts for 1 pound each. I bought all the girls matching swimming suits for 4 pounds each. And then Trek hit the goldmine: we got him 2 suits for church (gorgeous suits) for 35 pounds each. He looks SO sharp in them. I'm so excited for him!!! JACKPOT! I could have spent hours looking at everything in the store. They had belts & shoes & scarves & everything you could imagine. Almost everything in the store was under 10 pounds. It was awesome!!

After LOVING Primark, we just walked up & down Oxford Street going in & out of the fun shops. The kids especially loved the souvenir shops.

And after we were all shopped out (around 3:30 pm), we hopped back on the tube & headed back to the temple hotel so that Trek & I could do some temple work as well.

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