Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Harrod's Department Store

At 11:00 we got off the train at the Knightsbridge Station & started toward Harrod's Department Store. I found an AWESOME store along the way called Accessorize!! I bought 2 hats there. SO CUTE & SUPER CHEAP!!!

Mom mentioned wanting to go to Harrod's, so we worked it in the itinerary. But I had no idea what Harrod's was. Holy Cow!! This department store is massive! It covers an entire city street block & looks like a museum. It's gorgeous! So picture a store the size of an entire city street block & then add 7 stories to it. We're talking 7 full floors of shopping goodness! The bottom floor is completely dedicated to accessories: purses, shoes, jewelry, scarves. . . designer brands! And the whole place was set up like a museum. There was an Egyptian room with purses in it & Cadence & Baba got their picture taken in front of King Tut.

While mom & dad shopped in the accessories, Trek & I took the kids to the 4th floor which is the TOY HEAVEN! Did I mention this place is massive? Talk about FAO Schwartz on steroids! You could totally get lost in there. In the toys they had little stations set up for the kids to try out the toys they were selling. The girls had a blast here.

Lorien loved the wooden puzzle table:

Cadence played in the "toy snow" (yeah, weird stuff. . . I kind of wanted some):

Taya got lost in the lego section & had fun playing with the Buzz Lightyear made out of legos:

Then we found a table where you could play with 2 remote control demolition cars. The girls were wrecking them all over the place. I was panicking, but the workers were egging them on to crash harder! What a fun place to work!

You could very easily spend hours here if you enjoy shopping. We had a blast. Before we left, Cadence wanted to pose with the Lego conductor.

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